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is it morally okay to pray that your crush’s relationship doesn’t work out



warning long-ish post not under a cut because fuck u. live fast die young bad girls do it well.

I never knew how much I needed this kind of resolution to a love triangle until it happened.  In EVERY OTHER INSTANCE OF LOVE TRIANGLES *coughtwilightcough* *coughthehungergamescough* *coughmostyalitcough* *coughmosttvshowscough* the person trapped between two “options” is forced to choose.  Like, it is automatically assumed that the rejection of one is the acceptance of the other.

Laura Hollis, Investigator McBadass extraordinaire, completely eschews the television norm of having a love triangle AUTOMATICALLY RESOLVED by choosing one or the other AND THEN DATING THAT PERSON.  This is absolutely revolutionary in terms of what media we have in this day and age.  Laura asserts herself, she places her agency above any sort of romantic entanglement.  Because Carmilla was included in that speech, too, in terms of “everyone” trying to protect Laura by not telling her the full story.

Laura Hollis is an absolute gift of a protagonist and PLEASE CANADIAN TV GODS give us a season 2.


Danny + A Stake + Carmilla = ??

Find out what happens when protective TAs come face to face with a vampire in Episode 24 which is LIVE!

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